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Fiberglass flagpoles:
They consist of a single element that tapers conically from top to bottom. The flagpoles are fixed by concreting them into the ground, with the help of the hinged base plate. This basic structure makes it easier to use the flagpole as it allows for easy grounding, making it a great help for maintenance work. The screws on the base structure can be used to move the flagpole to a vertical position.

Eco aluminum flagpoles:
Depending on their height, aluminum flagpoles consist of two, three or four aluminum segments connected by sleeves and aluminum rings. The basic structure of the flagpoles can be installed with the help of the hinged base plate. The hinged design facilitates installation and allows the flagpole to be lowered to the ground, e.g. under maintenance. The screw system included with the base structure allows you to adjust the vertical position of the flagpole.

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